Project Status: Planning Stage

26 Leathermarket Street (JMB office redevelopment)

The proposed 26 Leathermarket project, in the planning stage, is seeking to provide new council rent homes and reprovide the JMB offices:

  1. 26 Council Rent Homes: The development will provide 26 council rent homes, featuring a mix of 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom residences on the upper floors – to cater for a diverse range of household sizes and needs.
  2. Office Accommodation: The project includes the reprovision of dedicated office spaces for Leathermarket Joint Management Board (JMB). These spaces will not only accommodate the current staff but also anticipate future growth, ensuring that Leathermarket JMB can continue to serve the community effectively.
  3. Community Facilities: As part of our commitment to fostering community well-being, the project will include the reprovision of essential community facilities on the ground level. These spaces will serve as hubs for local gatherings, activities, and support services, enhancing the overall quality of life for residents.
  4. Cycle and Refuse Storage: The development will provide convenient and secure cycle storage facilities, promoting sustainable transportation options. Additionally, it will provide efficient refuse storage solutions to maintain the cleanliness of the community.
  5. Communal Plant Facilities: A proposed new basement will house communal plant facilities, ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of essential utilities, thereby contributing to the overall sustainability and functionality of the development.
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