Personal stories – The need for new council-rent homes

Austin Emery whose family lives on Whites Grounds told us:

Being a family of four (with two more visiting young teenage boys at weekends!). We struggle day to day with the logistics in our lovely 2 bed flat on Whites Grounds Estate. People might suggest ‘moving out’. Where would we go? Coventry? This is our community. This is the centre of our universe…and what a beautifully twinkly sparkly star filled universe ours is.  Running local community sculpture projects, entertaining as local clowns, gardening on our estate, being involved with our TRA and with our eldest daughter at Snowsfields Primary school across the road which is so diverse there are  approximately 40 (plus) first languages other than English spoken at home. You can’t beat it! We love it here!

Daniel Kanu, who lives with his family on the Elim Estate, has a similar story:

Being overcrowded, with lively small children is very tough. However I love this area, my family is well settled here and we have made friends within my locality and also my involvement in my local TRA. I would love to remain with the JMB.

Austin and Daniel are both bringing up families in the flats that are too small for them. They both love the area and make a big contribution to their community, but they cannot afford to rent or buy in the private market.

Lots of residents have told the same story and said that the Leathermarket community needs to push for more council-rent homes. Our area has also had a number of contentious developments that have supposedly provided ‘affordable housing’ but have had few council-rent homes. Therefore Leathermarket residents have made their views very clear that they want to be planning and controlling what happens and making sure that local people benefit.