Become a CBS Member


The CBS is a not-for-profit organisation whose directors are democratically elected by members. If you live or work in the Leathermarket CBS area and are interested in the future of your estate, we would love to have you involved as a member. As a member, you will be kept up to date on what’s happening with the Leathermarket CBS projects, have the chance to vote for the CBS board of directors, and have a voice on the work happening in your neighbourhood. We need your input to help ensure that the CBS is serving the best interests of the community! To register as a member, just click here and fill in the form with your information.

If you’d prefer, you can also fill in a form by dropping in at the Leathermarket JMB offices or by getting in touch with Rachel Brain at 020 7450 8026.

Are you in our area? If you live in a property managed by Leathermarket JMB, or if you live in or near the areas highlighted on this map, you are among our local residents. If you are not in this area but are still interested in the work of the Leathermarket CBS, please contact us to chat about options.