Kipling Garages Building Materials Tour


Kipling Residents took a tour of Bermondsey on 10th January, to look at the variety of building materials used in the local area and consider the most appropriate material for the new homes on the Kipling Garages site.

Hari Phillips, the architect for the new homes, shared his knowledge of the architectural history of the area to guide residents through the range of materials used.

Brick, either red or London yellow stock, is the dominant material in the local area.  Engineering brick in dark grey/black is used at low level, with glazed bricks used to accentuate entrances.

Many of the historic buildings have a solid appearance, with deep window reveals accentuating the sense of solidity.

New buildings on Lamb Walk and City Walk were felt to be successful.  Residents had mixed views on timber cladding and thin cladding boardings were unpopular.


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